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What cocreation is?


What cocreation is ? The term cocreation is part of a movement of practices and reflections related to three fundamental concepts:




In addition to that, three hybrid concepts are added, thus proposing a mosaic of fields of intervention such as open innovation, co-creation and applied creativity. Here is a visual presentation of the whole and the definitions of the six concepts that you will find in the practical guide on co-creation.


Creativity is the act of creating something new by combining various concepts together. It is a form of intelligence, an ability to find surprising ideas or solutions. It contributes to the expression and transformation of the environment. In short, creativity is associated with the production of original ideas.


Innovation introduces something new into a system (group, organization, territory) to change it. It requires openness and a desire to experiment. It is a means to achieve strategic objectives and differentiate oneself by creating added value. Innovation manifests itself through the implementation of new ideas.


Collaboration is a process by which two or more people or organizations join together to carry out work with common goals. Collaborative work is done through the amalgamation of individual contributions, with continuous adjustments. Relationships between people are horizontal and responsibility for results is shared by all.


Cocreation is a collaborative practice of developing an initiative. It emphasizes exploration and interdisciplinarity, involves new relationships among a diversity of people, and uses a creative process to generate meaningful results.


Open innovation is a mode based on sharing and collaboration to leverage various internal and external sources to improve a product or service. Open innovation shows that expertise is not always found within organizations and that it is more beneficial to partner with others, in one’s own sector or elsewhere, than to compete. with others, in the same sector or elsewhere, rather than competing.


Applied creativity requires action beyond the generation of ideas. It is a transitional stage between creativity and innovation, a time of maturation where ideas evolve towards application. It is embodied in experimentation activities where we leave room for audacity to create new associations.


Find all these elements and many other discoveries


220 pages dedicated to co-creation in a French-language book.

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